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How do I get to my SailWeek departure marina?

If you are traveling to Greece please click on getting to Greece for more detailed information.

What travel documents do I need?

If you’re traveling to Croatia or Greece a passport that is valid for at least 90 days is required. Those traveling from certain countries may require a visa. We recommend using VisaHQ to find out if you require any visas to enter the country – www.visahq.co.uk

What are the local food and drink costs?

Beer – €4 to €6
Cocktails – €5 to €10
Shots – €3 to €6
Coffee – €1,5 to €4
Soft drinks – €2 to €4
Bottled water – €0,5 to €3
Fast Food – €5 to €8 (Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc.)
Dinner with Wine – €15 to €30 (At good local restaurants)
The prices in Croatian and Greek supermarkets and local markets are very reasonable and similar or lower than other European countries.

What are the cabins like?

Each yacht has an indoor and outdoor common area (saloon). They are compact but comfortable, although they are not especially spacious inside. There is a full kitchen and dining area on each yacht, as well as refrigeration, electricity, speakers, and other amenities.

The cabin rooms are shared. Most yacht cabins have a double bed which will hold two people. Others have bunk beds. The cabins have small cupboards and closets for clothes. There are bathrooms and showers on all yachts.

Please keep in mind that sailing yachts are not luxury hotels. If you have ever traveled in an RV, it is a similar experience…just on the water!

How much time do we spend on the yacht each day?

We sail for between 2-4 hours every day. The islands are relatively close together and you will never be sailing in the open sea out of sight of land.

When we are not sailing, what you do is up to you! You can stay on the yacht or explore the islands. All of the yachts will travel together, which gives plenty of opportunities for combined social activities and regattas.

What if I get seasick?

Sea sickness is something that can be managed. Skippers carry nausea/seasick prevention tablets. If you are feeling unwell, let the skipper know and he/she will look after you.

Please note that avoiding acidic foods and drinks and not missing sleep can help prevent seasickness. If you know that you are prone to seasickness, you can prepare for your trip by checking out this website.

I can't swim! Can I still come sailing?

Yes, of course. Every yacht comes equipped with life jackets and dinghies. The skippers are more than happy to take you to and from the beach on the dinghy whenever you are anchored off shore.

Does the crew speak english?

All of our crew are fluent in English. They are excellent hosts and will go out of their way to make sure you have an incredible trip!

Will my electrical appliances (hair dryer, shaver, etc.) work on the yacht?

Most small electrical requirements require 240 volt power. The boat will only have 240 volt power when it is docked in the marina, which will likely only be 3-4 nights of the week.

Phones, tablet computers, GoPros, and other similar items can be charged any time via a 12 volt to USB converter on the boat. SailWeek will provide a USB converter for the boat.

Is there an A/C on the yachts?

In the Mediterranean it is not usual for charter boats to have air conditioning system. Summers are not so hot and humid like in some parts of the world. Climate is mild and during the night there is always a light summer breeze that makes sleeping under the deck comfortable.

What kind of clothes should I pack?

Bring a combination of beach clothes, casual clothes, and evening – if you like to go out and dress up! Most of our guests over pack for the week.

How much luggage can I bring?

There is limited storage space on the yachts, so we recommend bringing your luggage in a soft sided bag. If you are staying in Croatia for a while and carrying a large suitcase, we advise bringing a soft bag to take what you need for the week on the yachts and put the larger suitcase in the storage we provide for 100 KN per week/ per bag.

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